Conveyor Band Closer

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Our team of professionals with Off Tape 0.75 mm. Guaranteed against corrosion for 10 years with galvanized sheet, with a special hinge system Each point can be designed intervention manufacturing and assembly is done with ease.

CTP or stainless steel sheets galvanized with wavy coating system is realized. Maintenance-designed applied in a short time together.


  • Moving food and protects the material,
  • Protects against bad weather, the sun and the conveyor band,
  • Will create a rain water to accumulate on tape prevents,
  • Loss of volatile material and the wind carried the band that originated emirates reduces negative.
  • Weather (sun, rain, etc..) Which removes the negative effects, (with the effect of water or heat tape to break, shift, etc.)
  • Reduces noise.

Areas of Usage

  • Stone and sand pits
  • Concrete mixing stations
  • Micronized plants
  • Crushing and screening plants
  • Crusher plants
  • Cement plants